WhatsApp is being used by billions of people across the world.

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It has become a part of our daily life as people communicate through WhatsApp everyday.

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Now you all must be using this app, if yes, then you must have seen that whenever you all are using WhatsApp it shows ONLINE to other people.

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For some people it must have been irritating that their ONLINE status is visible to all.

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So for this issue, WhatsApp is working on the feature which most of us have been waiting for.

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So after this new feature gets rolled out, users can hide their ONLINE status while chatting or using WhatsApp app.

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According to the reports, you can hide your status by selecting the option in “Last Seen”, from there you can select “None”.

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Currently, this feature is rolling out for android beta tester i.e;

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Soon WhatsApp will roll out globally after successfully testing.

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