Snapchat brings its Dual Camera BeReal-esque feature on its app.

Image Credit : May Gauthier

This feature is added to the primary camera.

Image Credit : Kajetan Sumila

By this feature users can capture video and photos using back and front camera at the same time.

Video Credit : Snapchat

This feature of dual camera was first introduced in April.

Image Credit : Ilias Chebbi

Whenever you open the app, the fewer options you will see on the screen.

Image Credit : Snapchat

This feature also supports the lenses of snapchat, but as of now the lens can only be applied after taking photos or videos.

Image Credit : Snapchat

Let us also tell you that Snapchat is not the only app testing dual camera features.

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The app which is using a dual camera split screen feature is Instagram. They call it candid challenges.

Image Credit : Solen Feyissa

As of now, this feature is only available in iOS, the android users will get it in a few months.

Image Credit : Kevin Bhagat