Even today in 2022, people still miss the older products of Apple because they were quite futuristic.

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So let us tell you all in 2007, Steve Jobs had organized an auction for older Apple products with the help of RR Auction.

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All these products were sold at very high prices. Even today you can’t think of that price.

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So a total of 70 products were being sold at that auction. So let us tell you all the top 5 Apple’s products which were sold.

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First-generation iPhone 8GB - $35,414 (nearly Rs. 28 lakh).

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Apple-1 circuit board - $677,196 (about Rs. 5.41 crore).

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Apple 1st generation iPod - $25,000 (nearly Rs. 20 lakh rupees).

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Apple: 1983 Macintosh - $12,044 (approx. Rs. 9 lakh rupees).

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Apple II Floppy Disk Drive signed by Steve Wozniac - $1000  ( Rs. 80000).

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So what do you all think about the sold price? Would you all buy at such auctions?

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