Know what is 5G? Which 5G band will come in India [Full detail]

What is 5G
What is 5G

In today’s changing era, everything is changing whether we are human beings or technology.

We, humans, have made a lot of progress through technology, perhaps it would be wrong to say that technology has made a lot of progress through us humans.

But people think that we humans are progressing through technology, but it is not so, we are progressing and only taking advantage of technology.


People do not understand that 5G will cause a lot of harm to our environment, so let us go to our today’s topic which is What is 5G, Which 5G band will come in India, 4G vs 5G 5G, if you are also one of those people.


There are those who do not know about What is 5G, Which 5G band will come in India, 4G vs 5G.


So today you will know something about 5G and 4G. In today’s post, we will tell you some of the best questions related to 5G technology and some of the best facts related to them, which you may not have known till now.


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What is 5G

What is 5G
What is 5G

Explanation of 5G technology – Now we will explain to you what is 5G. In simple words, it can be considered a 5th generation network.


The next-generation network will not be limited to smartphones only but can also be used in robots, machines, smart cards, and many more.


If you are thinking that 5G will speed up your internet speed, then only 5G has brought high internet speed as well as many more features, first of all, you should know that 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G.


The G one who is involved in all these networking is called generation i.e. 4G means the fourth generation, 3G means the third generation.


Similarly, the 5G that is about to be launched is the 5th generation, now we know what is this 5G? 5G is one of the best and most exciting mobile networks of the fifth generation.


But 5G network is much better and there is a new and best network system through which we can connect any machine object, equipment and all kind of network connected object with 5G wireless technology and much more.


Can achieve high data speed. 5G is a cellular network like all previous generations. So now it seems that you must be understanding well what is 5G. So now our heading what is 5G ends here.

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What 5G bands are coming to India


So now the biggest question comes in front of us that which 5G bands are coming to India, if you also want to know the answer to this question, then let’s know the answer to this question together.


These days 5G has created a lot of stir in the minds of all the people because till now it has not been clarified by the government and telecom companies which spectrum band 5G will be launched in India, this is causing a lot of trouble to Indians.


And the problem is that when they are going to buy mobiles in the market, they do not even know which spectrum band is right for the mobile phone they are buying or which 5G phone they should buy.


People are very upset and those who want to get a new mobile phone are also not taking the mobile, because of this they do not even know which spectrum band it is.


However, according to an estimate, the most popular bands in India are considered to be N77 and N78, apart from Reliance Jio, Vodafone, and Bharti Airtel, all telecom operators are testing their 5G networks in 3.5 by the Do.


If we say in simple language, it has not been clarified by the Government of India or any telecom company that which bands 5G network will be implemented in India.

Which country has 5G networks


If you have come to know that what is 5G then now the question must be coming in your mind that which are the countries in which 5G technology is being run, although this question is common in your mind because 5G technology is like this.


Actually, it is common among us Indians that for which we do not know or about which we do not get any information, we try to know it, that is why if you also know this thing then want to know. In which countries 5G technology is going on, so now let us also answer the question in which countries 5G technology is running.


United States of America

The United States began to build 5G technology in the month of July 2016, making the United States the first country to implement 5G and open high band spectrum, and by January 2020, the United States has implemented 5G in 50 cities.

In the United States, and as of January 2020, 5G networks were deployed in 378 cities in 34 countries.


South Korea


South Korea is far ahead of all other countries in the countries implementing 5G because 5G was deployed in 50 cities of its country by January 2020 and the government there believes that all the countries in Korea Mobile users will be dependent on 5G by 2026.



Sweden is also one of the countries that have deployed 5G. Sweden implemented a 5G network in December 2018, but still, this 5G network has not reached many people and it is estimated that 5G will reach the rest of the people. It will take many years to reach the network.


Apart from all these countries, there are many other countries like Japan, and Turkey, which have launched 5G technology here and India is far behind these countries because India does not want to take any risk.


Benefits of 5G


Above we have told you what is 5G in full detail, if you now want to know what will be the benefits of 5G for you and what will be the benefits of 5G in your daily life? So let us now know together what are the benefits we will  get from 5G.


First of all, the advantage is that our uploading and downloading speed will be much faster than 4G, whenever we do any uploading and downloading work, it takes us a lot of time, but through 5G we can do this work in very less time.

Apart from this, you can also spend very less on your mobile battery through 5G, this will give you many benefits.

You will get internet speed many times more than 4G, so that you can do any cut in a pinch.

And the biggest advantage is that you can connect many devices together through this.


Disadvantages of 5G


Some scholars believe that due to the arrival of 5G, our world is going to have a very bad effect.

After coming, the number of squirrels will be greatly reduced and in a few years, squirrels will also become extinct from our earth.


Along with this, this 5C can also prove to be very dangerous for us humans, due to the waves emanating from it, we can get many diseases, apart from this, many diseases can happen to us humans and many chemical changes in our environment.


There may be losses due to which we will suffer a lot.


Now it depends on you whether you want to use it after seeing its advantages or want to oppose it seeing its disadvantages because everything created by science gives us some advantages and some disadvantages also but it is up to us how we use them.


Till now we have told you What is 5G, Which 5G band will come in India, Disadvantages of 5G, Benefits of 5G, so now it is the turn to know 4G vs 5G.


4G vs 5G


After knowing all this, now you must be thinking that what is the difference between 5G and 4G, and why 5G is being launched instead of 4G, along with this you have many more questions related to 4G and 5G.

You will get the answer to all those questions in the title of 4G vs 5G, you just have to read this post of ours completely, and finally what is the difference between 4G and 5G? Will get to know you.


There are many such differences between 5G and 4G that make 5G very different from 4G, if we sit talking about all the differences, it will take a lot of time and our content will also become very long, but we will give you a brief Would like to explain, so first, we know their difference and then we know about these differences.


The first difference between 4G and 5G is Speed, second Cell density, Coverage, Bandwidth, Latency, Base stations, etc.


So here are some of our major differences between 4G and 5G, now it is time to know about these differences.



As we download any movie or anything through a 4G network, then we take a lot of time, but if we download any file through 5G, then we take much less time than 4G.


With this, the speed of 4G has so far reached 1GB per second but the target of 5G internet speed has been kept at 10GB per second, which can help people a lot, apart from this there are many differences between 5G in 5G and 4G. Which we will know later.


Cell density

Network capacity, which we could not do through 4G, now we can do all that work in the high cell of 5G. Will be able to do it because of the 5G density.


Some of the promises that were made with 4G were fulfilled, but the promises that were made with 5G can be fulfilled because the cell density of 4G was very less but the cell density of 5G compared to 4G was Much more and more powerful.



4G is about to complete 10 years, yet 4G is very bad in remote and rural areas of the country and the world, but now 5G is starting soon, so the coverage of 5G will be limited to some major cities.


But as time passes, the coverage of 5G will start becoming more and more and the country will give great coverage of 5G in every small area and rural area of the world, which is not possible through 4G, this work is done by 5G only.



5G has a much higher bandwidth than 4G i.e. the capacity of 5G is expected to be much higher than 4G, but no one can say with such confirmation that the 4G we use right now is 600 MHz to 2.5 GHz. Uses a narrow slice of spectrum available to date but with the upcoming technology i.e. 5G will be split into 3 different parts and each band will have its own frequency range and speed, 5G has much more capability than 4G.



This latency is also a huge difference between 5G and 4G and the difference is the time taken to transmit information between two points. We can also take this as a kind of delay because whenever we send a message to someone, the time taken in it is called Latency.


It sounds like a lot in 4G, but if we depend on 5G technology, then through this we can send our messages very fast.


The latency in the 4G network is 50 milliseconds while in the 5G network the latency is expected to be less than 1 ms Which is a lot more work than 4G.


Base stations

Base stations are also a big difference between 4G and 5G, base stations are the first thing to run a networking system, but 4G transmits signals from towers like its previous generations of networking systems.


But 5G due to its faster speed and mm-wave frequency band uses smaller simpler technology and in many places, small box-shaped high bands will be deployed all over the place. Which is a very commendable and  powerful  thing.


If you search on Google, you will find many different differences between 4G and 5G, but the differences that we have told you are some of the major differences between 4G and 5G.




So friends, in today’s post, we have given you information about every question related to 5G like What is 5G, Which 5G band will come in India, 4G vs 5G, which information you should know, if you still have some kind of information in your mind. Have any doubts or any kind of question.


So you can read this post of ours again, if still you do not get the solution to your problem then you can ask your question by commenting in the comment box, we will definitely give you a solution to your problem.


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