WhatsApp Calls Recorded? An Alert for Users!


WhatsApp is a leading chat platform. People share messages, images, and videos over it and even call their friends. But now, it is speculated that this data is not safe and is prone to theft. Now, not everyone uses the official WhatsApp and the services through a third-party app to use more features. While doing this, you might be compromising your privacy.

There is a new report released that states that a WhatsApp clone is used to record the audio and video data of users and is used for crimes.

WhatsApp Calls Recorded
WhatsApp Calls Recorded – photo by whatsapp

What Did the Cyber Company Say?

ESET, a cyber security company has revealed big news about WhatsApp clone apps. They have mentioned in their reports that any unofficial WhatsApp version may be using spyware and this reveals every user’s exchanged videos, images, and chats. So, everyone should stop using these third-party apps in the greed of extra features.

WhatsApp Issued an Alert


WhatsApp Calls Recorded

WhatsApp has already issued multiple alert messages in the past regarding the use of third-party apps. Due to the compromise of user data, WhatsApp closed many accounts for safety. Even after these alerts, people haven’t stopped using clone applications and they are compromising their safety for mere features.

App Confusion

Clone apps tamper with the original WhatsApp and attract several users through added features. While doing this, they steal user data and breach security.

All we can do for safety is to stop using any third-party website and stick to the original WhatsApp chat app only.