WhatsApp Is Coming With Avatar Feature For Profile Photo


Metaverse Entering WhatsApp with New Avatar


WhatsApp continuously brings new features to keep the customers hooked to the platform. Recently it allowed us to share video and voice call links over WhatsApp. Now, Meta has thought of a new addition “WhatsApp Avatar”!

WhatsApp Avatar
WhatsApp Avatar – Photo by WABetaInfo


Since right now the company is all about the Metaverse, it is going to introduce Facebook avatars. The plan was finalised at the beginning of 2022 and now Meta is finally ready to test the Beta version.


Under the testers, the app has allowed some users to set up their WhatsApp avatar. Just like there is a new sticker pack for your bitmoji on Snapchat, the same will happen with WhatsApp.


The new cool feature is in its initial phase and that’s why it is possible that there might be some changes in the final version. There is no set timeline for the official release but everyone is excited to try out the new avatar feature.


If you are excited about this cool feature, you can install the Beta version of WhatsApp and see if you can get early access.



If you have the feature, setting up the avatar would be easy. There would be an option in the Settings named Avatar. Click on it and start choosing the face structure, colour, and clothes. Right now, you might find a few glitches in the feature as it is still under testing. Once your Avatar is set, you can see a pack of interesting Avatar stickers.


Whenever you want to edit the Avatar, you can go back to the settings and choose the desired configuration.


WhatsApp always comes out with amazing features! If you want to stay updated on the latest news, keep watching this space. We will bring you the latest news every day!