WhatsApp New Update: Profile DP Within The Group MSG And Image Blur Option


WhatsApp New Update: Profile DP Within The Group MSG And Image Blur Option

WhatsApp is always working on new features to ensure that users enjoy the messaging platform. Now, the company is all set to bring some cool updates. What are they? Let’s find out –

WhatsApp – Photo by Pixabay

WhatsApp will soon come with an image blur option. With this, you can send the exact part of the image, without revealing everything. This feature would go into beta-testing mode soon. It would be ideal in cases when you don’t want to reveal any sensitive information and still forward the image for its main purpose.


Users will select the blur brush size for better results. This tool is currently available for some WhatsApp desktop users as a beta run. It will soon be available on smartphones as well.


Another feature is where you’d be able to forward any idea with a text. This will save you time and make chatting easier. This cool feature that allows you to caption every image you send, would soon be out for beta testing. It will be available for WhatsApp mobile users soon.


An interesting feature that we all are waiting for is showing WhatsApp profile photos within the group messages. So, when you send a message to the group, soon your profile image would also appear alongside. In case you haven’t set a profile picture or don’t want to show the picture in the group, you can also customise the settings.



In that case, the custom WhatsApp icon would appear. This feature is still in the development stage and will be in best-testing mode soon.


If you are a WhatsApp lover just like us, these features would surely keep you hooked. Interested in learning more about what the social messaging app has in store for you? Keep checking out this page! We will bring the latest information for you.