WhatsApp To Add Contact Shortcuts in Groups : Reports

WhatsApp To Add Contact Shortcuts in Groups


The messaging platform WhatsApp is constantly working to improve the features of the interface to enhance their users experience including enhanced communication with each other. The latest feature is where a person can forward messages in community, forwarding media with caption and message yourself. These features added to improve the user experience. 


WhatsApp – Photo by Pixabay


Apart from these, the platform also offers some features which improves the user interface, privacy and others. Although, some of these features are still available only in beta versions and will be made available for the others users soon. These facilities include PIP mode (picture-in-picture), configuring image quality before sharing, report status and others. These features made the platform the most convenient and used messaging tool. 


The meta-owned platform is continuously working on new features, in which one feature is adding a shortcut for contact in the group. This feature will be made available to the users when they install the most recent update of the app for iOS from the store and TestFlight app for beta testers. 


WhatsApp Contact Shortcut Feature


The platform is making this feature available for the admins of the groups which allows the admin to make calls or messages to a particular person in private. Apart from this, the contact numbers also will be highlighted whenever a person leaves or joins the group, enabling the admin to communicate with the person easily.


This feature also allows the admin to add the number of people to their contact list and copy the number as well. This feature comes as a blessing to the admin of the group because now the user doesn’t have to look for personal information via the group info section. 


By holding down the phone button, new shortcuts will be unlocked, and one of them will allow group administrators to call or chat with group members.