WhatsApp to run a group test – May add upto 1024 users



WhatsApp is all set to run a group test. Yes, you heard it right! Now it is going to check the ability to add more than a thousand people in a group chat. Exciting, isn’t it?

WhatsApp to run
WhatsApp to run – Photo by WhatsApp

With increasing demand for a WhatsApp business, it has finally launched its all new feature that can add more than thousand people in a group chat. Earlier the app used to allow the admin to add 500 in a single group but now you can share information with as many people as possible! It is specially a blessing in disguise for those organisations who have multiple employees if you connect via WhatsApp. 

May add upto 1024 users

The feature will give a better age to people owning online businesses. It is for beta testers and only some of them are receiving it. You can sign up to become a beta tester and enjoy the benefit of adding more than a thousand people in the WhatsApp group chat. The application is going to test a new feature before it comes out in public. 


With a brand-new feature WhatsApp will be able to compete with other social networking applications. For example telegram that has the limit to add more than 200,000 people in a group is one of the competitors of WhatsApp although what’s up still has a long way to go! 


No matter what, people prefer WhatsApp over any other messaging app. Let us wait to enjoy this new feature, it is definitely a new level update!