Windows 12 Might Launch In 2024 – Reports

Windows 11 - Photo by Microsoft

Windows 12 Might Launch In 2024


There are several news stories which are flying in the technology world stating that the Microsoft Company is planning to release their new version of Windows which is Windows 12 in the current year and will bring this to the public by 2024. Although there is no official announcement made from Microsoft and Intel, they have given some kinds of hints regarding this new version. 


Although this thing doesn’t come up as a shock to the domain persons, there is also a fact that the news which states that the Microsoft Company has already turned their way towards the development of Windows during the summer season with significant improvements in the future came from the trusted person. When this news comes, it is also assumed that the new version will be Windows 12 in incorporation with artificial intelligence. 


It is obvious that Microsoft is not able to do this single handedly. For this the venture would look for help from their prime partners Intel and AMD which gives the light to Windows 12, so it is not much shocking if Intel will get to know about this before anyone else. 


The news of the introduction of Windows 12 is making everyone happy and exciting but there are some queries which are not resolved till now which will be related to integration of AI, new features in user interface and how this will affect the users?


We can expect that the venture will introduce Windows 12, if it is on the way with a grand celebration but since there is no official announcement from the venture so everyone has to keep patience till the second half of the 2023 or official announcement from the venture. 


With the new upgrades and advancement in the technologies, it is very clear that the new version of Windows which is Windows 12 will change the prospective and way of using the devices and internet world and it will be worth and interesting to see how the venture with their partner will use this latest and new version of the Windows to make a difference in the future of operating systems.