YouTube Music App To Auto Download Recently Played Song

YouTube Music
YouTube Music - Photo by YouTube

YouTube Music App To Auto Download Recently Played Song


YouTube which is a video and audio streaming platform and owned by the Google Company has released an update for their Music app on the Android platform which enables the users to keep their recently played tracks offline by downloading them. 


The users can find the recently played songs section in the Setting, then Downloads and then storage. This is available for the Premium subscription users only as per the report from 9to5 Google. 


This upgrade enables the user to download the songs up to 200 in number. 


Some users of YouTube music might also get this feature auto-enabled for them. Also, this section is separate from the smart downloads which are already at the place and allows the user to have songs up to 500 and these songs will be based on the “favourite”. 


This section is still not available for the iOS users and when this will be made available for them is still pending. 


According to the report from Google, it is also said that there will be new labels of Cover, Remix and Live under the section of other performances which will be at the tab linked with Now Playing and search results. 


In continuation, the company has also made a statement which said that the platform has also added the feature to create the podcast at the YouTube Studio for the US creators and the ability to record podcasts via Music app is in line and will be made available soon. 


The tweet done by the company on their official page through the account said that the Podcasts are now available on the studio desktop as a new tool enabling the user to record podcasts and make a refresh and attention seeking list to check your ability and performance.