YouTube Starts Rolling Out Shorts To TV


Shorts on TV rolling out on YouTube


YouTube has started rolling out shorts on tv for its global users. Before YouTube, TikTok has been the one leading the race. The duration of these videos would be 60 seconds or less.


YouTube Starts Rolling Out Shorts To TV
YouTube Starts Rolling Out Shorts To TV – Photo by YouTube


As per the statement issued by the company, the Shorts on tv will begin today on the big screen at home, and also that the company is working on bringing in additional features and functionality for the future. The experimentation has been going on for quite a while now, which included using YouTube apps and conventional video players, which had the drawback of having too much black space on either side of the vertical video.


The final design that is rolled out by YouTube has been successful in filling the sides of the video with a color sampled blurred background and an outline around the video that resembles a smartphone’s screen.


YouTube shorts has reached 30 million views daily and has been growing exponentially.


Now, how does this work on the big screen at home?


This feature will be available on tv models of 2019 or later. one can use the remote to start or stop the short video from playing by clicking directly on the short or by using the play and pause buttons on the remote control itself. The YouTube smart tv app needs to be updated to experience this feature.




The release of shorts for television should provide a significant advantage to YouTube over its competitors, as most smart TVs come with the YouTube app already installed, as opposed to downloading a separate app like TikTok. The YouTube shorts can be viewed by opening the app or directly from the creator’s channel.